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2Dye4Que makes all of it's award winning BBQ and hot sauces using the finest ingredients.  Below is a list of our Signature Sauces:

  • Tennessee Hickory:               "Sweet and Sticky"
  • Spicy Carolina Red:               "Peppery Vinegar"
  • MUST-have-hURD:               "Tangy Mustard-Vinegar"
  • Roasted JalapeƱo-Peach:       "Sweet with a Lil' Heat"
  • VA BBQ Sauce:                     "Twangy-Tangy Tomato"
  • Grim Creeper:                       "Hot Pepper Blend Sauce"
Sauces sold in multiple, local stores with more locations to come in 2017! Also sold from our Food Truck and our online store.